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Dull To Bold Using Wella Demi-Permanent 3N Dark Natural Brown Leave a comment

Dull To Bold Using Wella Demi-Permanent 3N Dark Natural Brown. Watch video to see outcome results. Hope you guys enjoyed watching !!

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About Wella Color Charm Demi-Permanent Hair Color

Our vibrant Wella color charm Demi-Permanent Hair Color comes in neutral, ash, gold, warm and red shades for endless color possibilities. Use up to two applications per tube. Economical and effective 1:2 mix ratio means each tube creates 6 oz of hair color, enough for two applications. Processes in 20 minutes or less. ALWAYS USE COLOR CHARM ACTIVATING LOTION WITH COLOR CHARM DEMI-PERMANENT HAIR COLOR FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS.

Use Demi-Permanent Hair Color for:

  • Gray blending.
  • Toning.
  • Creating lowlights.
  • Ammonia-free hair color with fade resistant results.
  • Glossing the hair for up to 43% more shine*, even on darker hair.

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