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L’Oreal HiColor H11 Intense Red, Reds For Dark Hair Only

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  • L’Oreal Excellence HiColor for Dark Hair Only. 
  • Developed to lift dark hair in one single step, without brassiness. 
  • Rich, smooth creme formula conditions and penetrates hair. 
  • Breakthrough technology lifts hair 3-4 levels. 
  • Intense, long-lasting colour. 

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Direction of use: Wear suitable, disposable gloves. Measure 2.5oz of oreor  30 volume developer into plastic applicator bottle. If your client’s hair is relaxed use a 20 volume developer only. Add entire contents of Excellence HiColor tube and any extra intensifier tube (if it comes with). Shake until smooth and creamy. Use Exclusively with the recommended oxidant, Oreor 30 volume (9%) maximum.  

Application: Always apply haircolor to dry, unwashed hair immediately after mixing. 

Virgin Hair: Saturate the lengths and ends staying an inch away from the scalp, process for 20 minutes; apply to the root area and develop for 10 more minutes.  

Retouching: Apply to the regrowth; develop for 20 minutes. Then apply to lengths and ends and process for 5 to 10 minutes. Any extra intensifier tube is mixed directly with the haircolor crème. Rinse with warm water until water runs clear and then shampoo. 

    • Rinse hair well after processing time.  
    • If your client’s hair is relaxed use a 20 volume developer only.  
    • Use only the proportions indicated. 

Ash Blonde, Ash Blonde & (Dev.20) 16oz, Ash Blonde & (Dev.30) 8oz, Ash Blonde x2, Ash Blonde x2 & (Dev.20) 16oz, Ash Blonde x2 & (Dev.30) 8oz, Cayenne & (Dev.20) 16oz, Cayenne & (Dev.30) 8oz, Cayenne x2, Cayenne x2 & (Dev.20) 16oz, Cayenne x2 & (Dev.30) 8oz, Cherry & (Dev.20) 16oz, Cherry + (Dev.30) 8oz, Cherry 2x & (Dev.30) 8oz, Cherry x2, Cherry x2 & (Dev.20) 16oz, Chroma Cayenne  , Chroma Cherry, Chroma Garnet, Chroma Ruby, Chroma Sangria, Cool Light Brown H2 (2pks), Copper, Copper – 2pcs, Copper (2x) Dev (Vol.30) 8oz, Copper (2x), Dev (Vol.20) 16oz, Copper + Dev (Vol.20) 16oz, Copper + Dev (Vol.30) 8oz, Deep Violet & (Dev.30)8oz, Garnet – 2pcs, Garnet & (Dev.20) 16oz, Garnet & (Dev.30) 8oz, Garnet x2 & (Dev.20) 16oz, Garnet x2 & (Dev.30) 8oz, H1 (x2) & (Dev.20) 16oz, H1 (x2) & (Dev.30) 8oz, H1 & (Dev.20) 16oz, H1 & (Dev.30) 8oz, H1 Coolest Brown, H1 Coolest Brown x2, H11 (x2) & (Dev.20) 16oz, H11 (x2) & (Dev.30) 8oz, H11 & (Dev,20) 16oz, H11 & (Dev.30) 8oz, H11 Intense Red, H11 Intense Red x2, H12 (2x), Dev (Vol. 20) 16oz, H12 (2x), Dev (Vol. 30) 8oz, H12 Deep Auburn Red, H12 Deep Auburn Red x2, H12, Dev (Vol. 20) 16oz, H12, Dev (Vol. 30) 8oz, H13 – 2pcs, H13 (2x), Dev (Vol. 20) 16oz, H13 (2x), Dev (Vol. 30) 8oz, H13 Natural Blonde, H13, Dev (Vol. 20) 16oz, H13, Dev (Vol. 30) 8oz, H14 – 2pcs, H14 (2x), Dev (Vol. 20) 16oz, H14 (2x), Dev (Vol. 30) 8oz, H14 Vanilla Champagne, H14, Dev (Vol. 20) 16oz, H14, Dev (Vol. 30) 8oz, H16 (x2) & (Dev.20) 16oz, H16 (x2) & (Dev.30) 8oz, H16 & (Dev.20) 16oz, H16 & (Dev.30) 8oz, H16 Honey Blonde, H16 Honey Blonde x2, H18 (x2) & (Dev.20) 16oz, H18 (x2) & (Dev.30) 8oz, H18 Deep Violet, H18 Deep Violet x2, H18, Dev (Vol. 20) 16oz, H2 (2x), Dev (Vol. 20) 16oz, H2 (2x), Dev (Vol. 30) 8oz, H2 Cool Light Brown, H2, Dev (Vol. 20) 16oz, H2, Dev (Vol. 30) 8oz, H4 – 2pcs, H4 (2x), Dev (Vol. 20) 16oz, H4 (2x), Dev (Vol. 30) 8oz, H4 Shimmering Gold, H4, Dev (Vol. 20) 16oz, H4, Dev (Vol. 30) 8oz, H7 – 2pcs, H7 (2x), Dev (Vol. 20) 16oz, H7 (2x), Dev (Vol. 30) 8oz, H7 Sizzling Copper, H7, Dev (Vol. 20) 16oz, H7, Dev (Vol. 30) 8oz, H9 – 2pcs, H9 (2x), Dev (Vol. 20) 16oz, H9 (2x), Dev (Vol. 30) 8oz, H9 Red Hot, H9, Dev (Vol. 20) 16oz, H9, Dev (Vol. 30) 8oz, Magenta, Magenta – 2pcs, Magenta (2x), Dev (Vol.20) 16oz, Magenta (2x), Dev (Vol.30) 8oz, Magenta, Dev (Vol.20) 16oz, Magenta, Dev (Vol.30) 8oz, Red, Red – 2pcs, Red & (Dev.20)16oz, Red & (Dev.30)8oz, Red(x2) & (Dev.20)16oz, Red(x2) & (Dev.30)8oz, Ruby – 2pcs, Ruby & (Dev.20)16oz, Ruby & (Dev.30)8oz, Ruby(x2) & (Dev.20)16oz, Ruby(x2) & (Dev.30)8oz, Sangria – 2pcs, Sangria (2x), Dev (Vol. 20) 16oz, Sangria, Dev (Vol. 20) 16oz, Sangria, Dev (Vol. 30) 8oz, Sangria(x2) & (Dev.30)8oz

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