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Beginner’s Guide To Bleaching Hair at Home Using BW2 !! Leave a comment

Beginner’s Guide To Bleaching Hair at Home Using BW2 !! Easy to follow + you can do it by yourself. She decided to make a beginner’s guide on how to bleach your hair at home using products that are easily accessible and inexpensive. A lot of people are doing their hair at home during quarantine and we thought it would be a great idea to help those who are trying to figure out the bleaching process for the first time.

Products mentioned in the video

About L’Oreal High Performance Quick Blue

Clairol BW2 Lightener is an extra-strength dedusted lightener that provides colorists the ultimate creative control over the lightening process.

What makes it special?

  • Creates lustrous highlights and special effects in no time
  • Forms a rich, creamy consistency that is easy to handle
  • Dedusted to minimize powder fly-away
  • Extra-fast lightening formula

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