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How To Get PURPLE Hair Colour Using Wella Color Charm Paints Leave a comment

How To Get PURPLE Hair Color Using Wella Color Charm #Paints. Watch her mix up her very own custom color creation—and get her tips & tricks for best results. 14 intermixable shades + Pastelizer = Countless Color Combinations. To achieve this look, Jenny used the colours below. Jenny did a strand test first to test this formula and what the results would be specifically on her. We recommend you always do a strand test first before completely colouring hair.

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About Wella Color Charm PAINTS

Now you can express yourself like a true artist, with a palette of the world’s most creative and mixable hair color. The world of Wella Color Charm PAINTS™

Benefits of Wella Color Charm PAINTS:

  • 18 semi-permanent intermixable colours, designed to help you create your own custom hair color.
  • PAINTS also includes a clear pastelizer that softens the intensity of the color to create a softer, more pastel look.
  • Easy-to-use, no developer needed
  • Free of ammonia, peroxide or parabens
  • Bright hair color that fades beautifully on tone
  • Lasts up to 20 washes, depending on shade and intensity

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Video courtesy by Jenny Borrego

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